Massachusetts Oyster Project

From the Boston Globe’s Green Blog: Oysters help clean the Charles River.

Oysters eat silt, in addition to the phytoplankton that drift in the currents. As they eat, they also ingest some of the bacteria and organic compounds contained in sewer overflow, which Jay said runs untreated into the Charles from houses and streets during heavy rains.

So the Massachusetts Oyster Project dropped 150,000 oysters into the Charles River Basin around Constitution Marina this past weekend.

Oysters may be able to offset point pollution sources such as partially treated sewage coming out from Combined Sewage Overflows (CSOs). The number, flow, and impact of these has been reduced dramatically by the work of the MWRA and the cleanup of Boston Harbor. But it will be difficult to totally eliminate CSOs entirely.

2 thoughts on “Massachusetts Oyster Project

  1. The oysters are doing well thus far. We will check on them again in the spring.

    There also is an upcoming fundraiser.

    Shuck Off at Tavern on the Water! Competition to determine Charlestown Oyster Shucking King/Queen.

    Shuck Off! LLC, a salty apparel line, based out of Charlestown, and corporate sponsor of The Massachusetts Oyster Project is having a benefit event at Tavern on the Water, Pier 6, 8th Street in Charlestown on February 23 from 6-9 PM. $10 get you 4 Island Creek oysters and a beer, a chance to flaunt your shucking skills by entering a shuck off, and an opportunity to win Shuck Off! apparel, along with other shucking awesome prizes. Tickets will be available at the door and online at: HYPERLINK “” \n More information for the Massachusetts YOU could be crowned the King/Queen Shucker of Charlestown. It will be a shucking good time!

  2. I missed the fundraiser as I was out of the country. Would love to be involved in the future. I live in Charlestown. Cell 617-680-9463

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